Grilled Chicken

Yield: 4
Main Ingredient: Chicken
Cuisine: American

3 whole Eggs whisked
2 tablespoon White vinegar
3 tablespoon Fresh parsley chopped finely
2 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Freshly ground pepper
3 tablespoon Vegetable oil
1 whole Onion yellow or white, diced finely
4 whole Chicken breasts; or chicken skin-on (any parts wil

Prepare marinade:

In a non-reactive bowl, whisk egg and add in all other ingredients.

Add chicken. Marinade in a ziploc bag for at least 4 hours; ideally 1-2 days. Turn occasionally.

Prepare medium-hot grill. Let it warm up at least 15 minutes. Place chicken on the grill. After 3 minutes, pick it up and give it a quarter turn. Sear another 3 minutes. Flip over. After 3 more minutes, give it another quarter-turn. Grill until internal temperature reads 160 degrees F, about 10 minutes total depending upon thickness.

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