Gallof: Patience Is A Virtue? Tell That To Islanders Fans

CBS New York

By B.D. Gallof,

With the Islanders currently stuck in a new patch of losses, the fans are rumbling and grumbling, wondering when this will all finally turn around. Such is life for a fan in a rebuild, especially one that is forced to take more time due to the inability of the team in the malaise to snag key free agents or make smooth moves via a trade to speed up the process.

Instead, we are all forced to hope pray for the continued development of the prospects. It is during these tough times and tribulations that a fan’s focus should switch more to the process and effort. Very often, however, even writers and bloggers will attempt to stir that pot, looking for the same answers.

Developing players seems to vary depending on the recipe, but there is no doubt that the Islanders need theirs to be more than…

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