Neither Geek Nor Jock, But “Jeek”

Prawn And Quartered

I got a good deal on those boys. The scouts said they showed a lot of promise. 

~Scout, on the Hanson Brothers, “Slap Shot”

I had one of those mid-shower epiphanies the other night. “What’s the matter with you?” my internal Jiminy Cricket voice asked. “You have a conflict of interest. One day you’re down at the arena, screaming your lungs out for the Preds, the next, you’re going up to the observatory for a star party with a bunch of astronomy geeks. What gives? Don’t you know geeks and jocks aren’t supposed to mix?”

And that’s the way pop culture usually portrays it. Geeks on one side, jocks on the other. Heaven forbid they should mingle. Jocks are the ones who grow up to be professional athletes, bouncers, and Hollywood stuntpersons. Geeks are their doctors, agents, lawyers, and the guys who cook their steroids. Right? We’ve seen it in…

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