Keep Checking…Just Do Something About the Goons

CTG: For the Sport of It



I eavesdrop in ice hockey rinks, in sports bars, and I listen in on conversations that happen in the grocery line. I lurk in chat rooms and listen to radio programs that deal with the hottest issues having to do with sports.

I’m listening for the bigger picture. The one that portrays some sort of societal commentary that plays out in the microcosm of a game.

In the wake of Jack Jablonski’s injury, (and most certainly before the injury too) I would hear things like…”Hockey is for goons.” and “Violence in sport is what people pay to see,” and you can’t play hockey without fighting…or checking,” and “it’s too bad my kid probably won’t be able to play hockey by the time he is fourteen…he won’t be big enough to check well.”

What I hear in these comments is that youth sports mimic professional sports too closely. People may be…

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