Commit to the Indian

Contrary to popular opinion, over the last few games, the ‘Hawks are now off for the All-Star break. As injuries start to pile up, Bowman is in a poor situation of now trading out of need instead of want because of the Toews and Sharp injuries. Who is tradeable, Shaw comes to mind, as a 5th round selection you will never get more for this undersized, overachieving youngster. At this point, with Bolland playing well, I would be thrilled with a top checking line center and a #2 line bruising defenseman.

Still, this seems all to obvious for Bowman to see, or is it? In addition, is it blasphemy to question the inconsistent effort of the team from period to period, on Quenville? The ‘Hawks turn up the intensity only when they fall behind. Who’s at fault for starting games with such poor intensity? What are your fair areas to…

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