All Star Matchup

The Empty Netter

So the draft is done and the two teams are ready to go ahead of a weekend of competition.

So who ended up where? Well it was almost predictable as I expected it to be with just a couple of surprises thrown in. Pavel Datsyuk going number one over all to Team Chara despite his amazing skill has caught some people out and I’m not sure why as to me he stands out along with Malkin (who also ended up on Team Chara) as one of the most skilled players in the league.

With Chara not taking a Bruin first I was hoping for some sabotage by Alfredsson but instead he took his team mates in both the first two rounds ensuring that he would have the crowd behind him all weekend. This left the gate open for Tim Thomas to be taken as Chara’s second pick, perhaps as a…

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