You would have thought the helmet would have come off.

Michael Monti (Thesportsblogger13)

By Mike Monti 

1,165. No it’s not the amount of money tuition fees for a college, or the amount of money someone can be approved for a credit card. This is the average amount of blocked shots for all 30 NHL teams in the 2010-2011 regular season.

Blocking shots is a key component in any hockey game. Players all around the league have been severely injured by blocking shots that can be as fast as 100 mph.   Players like Ryan Callahan, who broke his leg blocking a shot last season. Or even Daniel Paille, who went down to block a shot and took it right to the face, know the dangers of shot blocking and still sacrifice their body to block a shot. Luckily for Paille, he was wearing half a face shield on his helmet and most the damage was done to the shield.

With the occurring incidents happening…

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