The Saladdin’s: NHL First Half Awards

It’s good to see there were no Black Hawks on this list of winners.


With the passing of the All-Star game on Sunday the NHL enters the 2nd half of the season tonight. This marks a perfect time to give out the first half Saladdin awards.

The SAL-kee Award

Awarded to the player who least personifies a responsible defensive mindset

Winner: Eric Staal

A brutal -23 +/- for one of the elite players in the game. To his credit his game has started to turn around in the last month or so and I don’t see him winning this award at the end of the year.

The PIMs Cup

Awarded to the player who is the baddest mutha-futha in the league

Winner: Zenon Kenopka

Mr. Z leads the league in PIM’s with 154. It appears the glory days of the goon are over as the top 5 PIM guys currently Kenopka, Rinaldo, Dorsett, Downey, McLeod don’t really scare you like the days of Brashear…

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