No Stress and Squirt Hockey

I was sent home from the hospital and advised to rest and relax. I clearly did this the first day. It was snowing about an inch an hour and the driveway was covered.

My wife took to the snow blower like the true hockey mom she is. Grabbed those handles and cleared the drive and walks. As, I watched from inside and wished I could be outside playing with my boys in the snow. But, the doctors said just rest and relax.

I prepared myself to go to my boys Squirt hockey game and not go crazy in the stands.

Well that didn’t work out so well. I could hear myself step out past my normal persona and cheer like the proud father of two squirt hockey players.

The first thing I remember yelling to a packed crowd was SKATE Logan SKATE. He was on his first breakaway on the new team. He didn’t score his first attempt. However, it seemed like he did. Because everyone knew his name now. That was only because he marked the stat sheet with the very first penalty. It was for cross checking in a no check league.

Next thing I know is I am getting nasty looks from other parents. So the whistle blew and out comes the second line.

Now it is Coulson turn. I am yelling for my other son Coulson. He is a scrapper. And I cheer him on to the crowds dismay. I really figured it would have been Coulson with the very first penalty.

I imagine he will be the first to drop the gloves and make the challenge. And there is nothing to say it won’t be against Logan.

The Bain Boyz made a great showing for there first game with the new team. My wife became the team manager.

And I went back to being motivated to rest and relax. The proud father of two great kids. I guess what my doctor thinks is rest and relax Is far different.