Michigan Fan Forced To Turn Shirt Inside Out

This is rediculas

CBS Detroit

By: Terry Foster

Our world is filled with dumb rules. That takes us to the other side of the country and the Oklahoma City school system where five year old Cooper Barton was told by school officials to turn his T-shirt inside out.

So was it filled with profanity? Was there a nude woman on the front? Maybe there was a Hitler iron on. It was none of that Copper wore a University of Michigan big house T-shirt and that is against school policy. Children are only allowed to wear Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Thunder or any other Oklahoma school or university.
It is a ridiculous policy and should be changed.

The Barton family are big fans of Michigan. So what is the harm? Does wearing blue threaten anybody outside of East Lansing? I think not. I will admit I am not certain I want my kid wearing a…

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