At least the Predators won’t be bolting to Europe in case there’s a lockout

I am willing so see them play at our local rink.


There’s been some talk about what players might end up doing in case there’s a long lockout. Playing in Europe, aside from Sweden, is a tantalizing option for many players, but for many of the Nashville Predators it’s not looking like a popular move.

Jeremy Gover at Cellblock 303 heard from a few Predators players and it’s shaping up that going to the AHL or just sitting at home makes for a better option for them.

Defenseman Kevin Klein says sticking together in the offseason, even one extended by a work stoppage, helps the team in the long run.

“I’m sure there will be lots of guys who don’t go to Europe,” Klein said. “I would imagine guys will just stay around here. If you’ve got a core group that you can play hard with and train hard with, you won’t lose too much of a step.”


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