Just Puckin' Around

There are seventeen days between now and another NHL lockout.

That’s a scary thought.  Negotiations are continuing this afternoon between the NHLPA and the NHL after another proposal has was dropped on the table Tuesday.  These talks have been ongoing, but unlike past discussions, these recent proposals are “economic” in theme.

An initial proposal was introduced by the owners’ (NHL) mid July, to which a counter-propsal was presented August 14 by the NHLPA.

Under the current CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), which expires September 15th, players are entitled to 57 percent of the hockey-related revenues of the NHL.  The NHL proposal called for the players’ shares of hockey-related revenues to be reduced to 46 percent, to which the NHLPA responded in August with offers of two- four- and six percent player shares of HRR (hockey related revenue) over the first three years of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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