Additional Referee Added to EIHL Challenge Cup

Blueliner Hockey

The Elite League has announced it has taken the bold step to reintroduce 4 on ice officials for Challenge Cup games. Starting from this weekend each stand alone cup game will have an extra on ice referee.

It will be a talking for sure as players and fans get to grips with additional referee but the league should commended for bring it in. The addition of an extra import in the EIHL has seen many teams stock up on aggressive agitators and grinders. Already this preseason there has been the late hit on Coventry Blaze’s Jerramie Domish and Brad Leeb’s sucker punch on Sheffield’s Jason Hewitt showing that an extra pair of eyes will be needed.

The four-man system was briefly used by the EIHL before but due to a lack of trained officials was scrapped. The decision to phase the system in will be the first step in bring…

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