Its game time again!!

Random Thoughts

Yes folks, its that time again, Hockey season is upon us, i know that one of the biggest sports in the UK is Football, of which i have a passion, but Ice Hockey, now that’s a damn good sport, if you have never attended, i urge you, give it a try..Bear in mind, its a rough sport, punches cold be thrown and body to body hits are plenty! Don’t let this stop you though!

I’m a BIG fan of Coventry Blaze, but there’s many other teams to go and watch play, from the Elite league downwards, you wont be disappointed, Elite league is the highest in the UK, more people attend that than others, but each league has its own passionate supporters.

Blaze have made the headlines this season with a signing, Mike Danton, now i wont go on about him, look him up, BUT please, DO NOT judge…

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