EIHL Preseason What We Learnt

Blueliner Hockey

The Elite League pre season is now over. There have been controversial incidents, tournament play and foreign visitors but now the time for talking is over. Come Saturday everything that has happened in the EIHL in the last two weeks will mean nothing but what have we learnt anything?

The most talked about team this preseason was probably the Coventry Blaze. Paul Thompson had said that his team would be a renewed force this coming season. However their preseason has perhaps told us that it wont be plain sailing at the Skydome. With new signing Mike Danton still awaiting his the outcome of his visa appeal the Blaze were then dealt three more blows. Defenseman Jerramie Domish was first of all on the receiving end of a controversial hit in Cardiff that left the Canadian out of the line up. Next up Brad Leeb was handed a 3 game ban…

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