Taking hockey to the mall: An overview of North American leagues

Hockey Talk for Girls

Word on the Twitterverse today is that the Edmonton Oilers have assigned 26 players to the AHL.  As I mention in my About section, I am an Oilers fan first and foremost, but I will try to keep most of my posts league-wide (or at least give representation to a few different teams!).  Today I am going to discuss the relationship between the different hockey leagues in North America and how players can move between them.

How many leagues are there in North America?  And how do they relate to each other?  I am sure that anyone reading this blog has heard of the National Hockey League, but what do you know about the American Hockey League (AHL), the ECHL (formerly East Coast Hockey League) and the Canadian Hockey League (CHL)?  A nice comparison that may help to explain relationships between a few of these leagues involves stores that many of you may shop…

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