I know this has nothing to do with hockey. But it shows how i see things when i read.

Playing in the World Game

So intoned the billboards on the NYC subways for years. The School of Speedwriting wanted to make sure people knew that Gregg shorthand was not the only way to go, and while I never had the opportunity to learn either, it seems to make perfect sense to me. My ex was a whiz at shorthand, and she could take dictation like a court reporter – but all those squiggles! Worse than Arabic, if you ask me.

Of course, it’s based on being able to recognize words without the vowels. Since 2003,  this has been going around the internet in various forms, the latest one with the header “Only Smart People Can Read This”:

It is doubtful that any real research has been done on this phenomenon at Cambridge, but the underlying principle makes sense – experienced readers don’t decode, but rather they read words as entire units. This is useful…

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