Meet the 2012-13 Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew

Pop Hockey Culture

In a perfect world, there would be two new banners next to the 11 Laker Championship Banners at Staples Center, I would’ve posted the first 2 editions of “Coach’s Corner” from Hockey Night in Canada, and the Blackhawks would’ve beaten the Rick Nash-less Columbus Blue Jackets in front of a sold-out crowd at the United Center. Unfortunately, the arenas are silent, there’s no ice, and the NHL and the Players’ Association STILL haven’t made a deal for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement; one, in my opinion should be LONG-TERM. Apparently, this picture says it all.

I mean,  this past Tuesday night would’ve been the first of 20 Hockey Night in Chicago Roadwatches at a Chicagoland-area Tilted Kilt, Tommy Nevins’ or Chammps, as the Blackhawks took on the Winnipeg Jets in their only meeting of the season. It would’ve been the Blackhawks’ first game in the ‘Peg since February 23, 1996, when Dallas Drake…

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