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First Grilling Adventure of 2010

The summer grilling season has begun at my house. If you know me I have been seen smoking a pork shoulder or a beef brisket on my driveway. I am relaxing with the feet up and the shades on. I am hiding my eyes from the morning sun. Most likely I am sleeping and waiting for the alarm clock to go off in order to check on what is grilling. I have spent many a days sitting and watching the world go by as my grill is at work.

I have moved up in the grilling world. I no longer have to sit on the driveway. I have a patio to place my two Weber grills. One for grilling and the other for smoking. It is so nice to be out watching my boys play in the back yard and being able to cook my dinner at the same time. I have attempted anything and everything that can be cooked, warmed, or even burnt on my grill. And every time I have learned something new.

With this blog I would like to learn from you what you enjoy to prepare on the grill. Be it a gas grill or the old fashioned charcoal grill. I am always looking for new things to do with the grill and hope to learn from everyone. Please post your favorite recipes or ask that question you have always been dying to ask. If I can’t help you maybe someone else can help us all out.